EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing has been an empirically proven and effective therapeutic process since the 1970’s. As an EMDR therapist John offers consultation to other trained EMDR therapists, provides EMDR therapy to people of all ages, and has over 29 years of experience assisting clients to heal from the wounds of trauma, addiction, and other barriers to optimal performance toward the fulfillment of dreams. While those with some awareness of EMDR often refer to the original uses of EMDR; that is, for extreme trauma. These days EMDR is effective in treating an array of barriers such as, anxiety, depression, substance use, and many more.

John often refers to EMDR as “taking out the trash.” We often accumulate “trash” through our various experiences in living life. EMDR is an effective tool available to most who enter therapy. The process involves education about EMDR, what you can expect to experience, how the results have been demonstrated in situations similar to yours, and the estimated duration of this treatment. In both research and in John’s anecdotal experience; various degrees of recognizable progress has been demonstrated on average in five sessions.