My Theoretic Approach

I often refer to myself as a tool salesman rather than a psychotherapist. I offer a wide variety of tools to ameliorate dysfunctions and enhance empowerment toward achieving goals.

I came up with this idea of “tools” as a reaction to the number of people over the years who often say they have been averse to therapy because they wanted to do it themselves.

Certain Native American beliefs use the imagery of the “bridge” as way to get from this world to the next. I like to describe life as a series of choices or a series of bridges that we cross, each one leading to a new world of experience.

My theoretical approach is based in the belief that no matter what a person is going through, there are areas of choice. These areas of choice are where we work together as active co-creators of change. These areas of choice hold the potential to empower each individual and social system to make positive changes.

I use a strength-based ecological approach with the understanding that all individuals within their ecology have choices, and therefore have the power to stimulate growth and change, moving toward desired goals.

Another concept that I utilize in treatment is the “social construction of the self”. That is, how we become who we are and what we do. By looking at the “how”, my clients and I actively co-create tools (often embedded in the language we use) to work toward desired changes.


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