Sionnach Counseling Services, LLC

John is listed as a Nationally Certified Counselor and is licensed as a professional counselor in Colorado. He has two master’s degrees (Sociology and Clinical Psychology) from the University of Northern Colorado.


John has more than two decades two of experience as a psychotherapist. He has close to two decades as an EMDR therapist and is an EMDRIA certified consultant. John works closely with the Maiberger Institute out of Boulder where he has close to ten years experience assisting in training, facilitating, and consulting with the Maiberger Institute.  John has over ten years experience as a University Instructor of Sociology and Psychology, he brings a unique perspective to his work. His experience with how we develop and maintain a sense of self through various co-created methods of interaction, forms the essence of his therapeutic approach.


My Theoretic Approach

I often refer to myself as a tool salesman rather than a psychotherapist. I offer a wide variety of tools to ameliorate dysfunctions and enhance empowerment toward achieving goals.