As I sit here writing this note, I am celebrating one year of sobriety and one year of a renewed family life. Unfortunately, there is no way to measure the impact that John Gray has had on my success. The first meeting John gave me a feeling that put me at ease and a will to share my inner self openly. John referred to his style of therapy as a” tool shed”. He would give me a tool to work with and I would use that tool until we met again. He assured me that he had a full shed of tools and to take away the tools that would work for me. John’s willingness to listen and his sincere response has renewed my outlook on my future and the impact that “I” have on my future. John has made me look at myself and life in a whole different light that has definitely spread to others in my life. I will forever have my own “tool shed” that I can credit to John Gray. Thank you John, for the impact you have made in my life and in renewing my family relationships.

Male in his 30’s


I was referred to John by community corrections. At first I was skeptical, I thought, great, another thing I have to do. Then I met him and right away I knew this would work. He was open, non-judgmental, and you could tell he loves his work, he has a passion for what he does. He has been someone,  to relate to , bounce ideas off of, he will make you think, and support with praise when I do well. I enjoy my times with him, I always look forward to my appointments with him.- Thanks John

Female in her 20’s